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Facebook Lite Source Code $39 May 2, 2016


Browser type source code for Facebook. Lightweight coding for faster browsing. Super fast with all the functions of Facebook but smaller on your Android Phone or Tablet.

Built in chat with chat on or off. Share pics and posts. All Facebook odptions in a browser format.

Surf Facebook faster today.

Full source code
Full Documentation
Admob ready

Google wallet

$39 gets you full unlimited app building

Eclipse source code..

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Android Packages Calculator $29 April 30, 2016


This calculator is a all in one calculator, if you are looking for something simple with advanced features this calculator is for you.


• Basic arithmetic (+, -, *, /)
• Trigonometry (sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan)
• Complex numbers (5+7i)
• Graphs X,Y functions (Y=X^2)
• Basic matrix math (+, *, inverse, transpose)
• Hexadecimal and Binary support (1A+E)
• Animated history (Long press to copy)
• Hide pages you don’t need
• Tablet and Smartphone supported
• Widget

Full source code
Full Documentation

$29 to our verified paypal account

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Talking Pet Source Code $99 April 29, 2016


Talking pet source code. Full source code, full documentation, can be either paid or ads.

12 animations available
360° Rotation
Good sounds
2 New skin ( Yellow – Black )
HD Quality Designs
Repeat child cute voice.
3D Background.


Payment to our Paypal account and you will receive full source code download from our dropbox to make payment.

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Android Packages News Source Code $20 April 26, 2016


We have one of the best news applications on the android platform and we are selling our source code now.

Add unlimited RSS feeds from any source, grab images and news, change layout.

Comes with all source code files and documentation on how to edit it.

Full eclipse source code.

$20.00 to our Verified Paypal account

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Android Packages Cleaner $50


Android Packages Cleaner helps clean devices!

When you may need we?
Android Packages Cleaner is perfect for your device if it works slow, or if you stop to play games, or if too hot, or if you need to free up space to store more pictures and songs.

How can we help?
We can make it easier to free up storage space on your device or SD card, optimize their games and computer memory, stop overheating and protect against malicious applications and vulnerabilities.
Highlights of Android Packages Cleaner

☆ Comprehensive: After analyzing the behavior of a million applications Android Packages Cleaner can hone your objectives (detect and clean and waste cache files) with perfect accuracy.
☆ Quick and Intuitive: Easy to use, super fast and luxurious design, most striking effects of transition


Features Android Packages Cleaner

► CLEANING junk files


► Optimize CPU

► RAM memory optimizer



Payment to our Verified Paypal account

Source code will only be sent to PayPal address

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Messenger Source Code $79


Application Features:

Login and Registration with Email
Conversation list with circular avatar images.
Friends list circular avatar images.
Add new contacts/friends through our suggestions screen or personally search for friends
Whatsapp-like popup Profile Preview
Beautiful user profile screen
Chat with friends
Material chat bubbles
Chat with Images and Emojicons
Update your chat background
Update your status
Profile settings screen
Full Screen Image Preview with save and set as wallpaper buttons
Admob Ad Integrated
Push Notifications About new messages and when a user adds you to their contact list

Admin panel Features:
View registered users (View and Delete)
View Messages shared by users (View and Delete)
View Images shared

Payment to our Verified Paypal account


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Castle Defense Source Code $20.00


Up for sale our version of castle defense.

Comes with 100 complete levels.

Full source code
Full edit instructions
Admob ready

Payment to our Verified Paypal account

Send payment to

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Android Sudoku $10.00


Android Sudoku source code for sale. Easy to edit. Rename and your ready.

Easy, medium, and hard levels already done for you..

Full source code with full documentation included.

Payment to our Verified Paypal account

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Security Source Code $10.00 April 25, 2016


Full source code for our security software for android. Protect your phone.

This is full working source code for 2.3 and above. Admob ready, screenshot is from actual use.

Change name of app, icons and admob pub id. DONE…

Just send $10.00 to our Verified Paypal. ..

Code will only be sent to PayPal address. ..

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Facebook Video Downloader $10.00 April 24, 2016


Most useful application.
Easy to use.
Beautiful UI.
Material design.
Tutorial for how to access the app.
Easy To login with Facebook.
Easy to download the video.
You can show video online also.
Live streaming with Facebook.
Also show Download video in your app.
Easy to modification.
Rate app & more app.
Check network availability.
Admob and startapp both standalone Package(i.e 2 package,one is for admob and other is startapp)
AdMob integrated.
StartApp integrated.

Full documentation

Send $10.00 to our verified paypal account.
Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery of source code, weekends, usually wothin 1 hour though.

Paypal send to

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